Top 10 school in Rajasthan, Navjeevan Science School tops the list
top 10 school in rajasthan

The Merit Factory: Navjeevan Science School

One of the top 10 schools in Rajasthan is situated in Sikar. The Navjeevan Science School in Sikar turns out to be the one. A School is a place where education meets excellence. One learns life lessons along with academic lessons. The individual gets to know his/her ability as well as target their goals in School only. Navjeevan Science School is shaping the future of its students and ranking in the top 10 schools in Rajasthan.

About Navjeevan Science School

Navjeevan Science School started its journey in 2007. Along with a dream to provide quality education to the students the school came a long way. The school has become a dream school for students who choose Science Stream. The school serves education from class 6th to class 12th. The school is a part of Navjeevan Science Group. The most reputed Science Group has contributed a lot in the field of education.

Why Navjeevan is at the Top 10 School in Rajasthan

Hall of Fame:

Navjeevan Science School has been awarded almost every year with the Hall of Fame. This is the only School 5 Board merits in a single academic year in Science Stream. Also, the school has merit holders every year to till date. The school has the most number of Board Medals in the whole of Rajasthan. These unbreakable records make this an ideal as well as result-oriented school.

top 10 school in rajasthan
top 10 school in rajasthan

World-Class Infrastructure:

Education is a fundamental way to achieve development and growth. As we know, education is an integral part of the Indian culture. So, it is essential to design educational infrastructure in a systematic way. Also, it maximizes the accessibility and effectiveness of education. Now, one can argue saying that any place can be good if you are interested to read and learning. But the fact is, when your environment is good, you get the energy and interest which ultimately helps you learn and perform better. Navjeevan Science School implemented this and designed its infrastructure in the same way.

Experienced Faculties:

Experienced faculties engage students with in-hand learning. Also, it develops their interest in the subject. It also insight into their own skills, interests, passions, and values. Teachers influence them to recognize their self-esteem and boost their self-confidence. The faculties at Navjeevan are highly-experienced and also subject experts.

Career-Based Opportunities:

The school provides and works for the targetted goal of the students. Such as, some students aim to be in IITs, or some dream to join defense services. Navjeevan provides them integrated schooling program with its co-units like Kautilya IIT Academy and Navjeevan Defence Academy. It helps them in giving their preparations an early start.

Co-curricular Activities:

With academic learning, it is also important to engage students in co-curricular activities. Participation in such activities aids a student’s social skill development, emotional development, and overall personality development. The school keeps on organizing such activities. Also, with it, the school encourages students to participate in various olympiads held. The school prepares students for free for olympiads like NSTSE Olympiad, Homi Bhabha Exam, KVPY Exam, as well as all other olympiads held across the nation.

Hostel Facility:

The hostel rooms are technically designed to suit the students’ requirements for quality learning. There are no compromises in the quality and standards of the living space and also in the facilities provided. The hostel facility helps the students in utilizing their valuable time for studies and revisions during their tenure.

top 10 school in rajasthan

today many ex-students of Navjeevan Science school are serving in Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS). Sohan Lal passed the IAS exam with All India Rank 201 and now serving as a collector, Jodhpur, Vikram Shihag, passed out from NIT now serving as IPS, Bihar, Hukmichand cleared RAS exam with 18th rank in whole Rajasthan. Budhram Sohu got selected in RAS with 12th rank, Ram Krishan Sharan passed the Indian Forest Services exam (IFS) with All India Rank 12, Narayan Bajiya got selected as RPS, Churu, and many more in the same lane.

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