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Testimonials Describing the successful journey of Honored students along with Navjeevan School and Mr. Shankar Lal Bagariya (Ho. Director of Navjeevan School)

The first thing I want to say about Mr. Shankar Lal Ji is that he was very practical to the things then and still he is. I always found him working so hard when I was a student at Navjeevan Science School. Each and every faculty at Navjeevan played a great role in my success. From early morning to late night they were busy taking classes and managing the school. He himself was a very good teacher of Chemistry and the way he used to manage things was very good. He always paid attention if we shared any problems and tried to find out the best possible solution. The way he keeps his students motivated is admirable. Sir really knew how to bring the best out of their students. He was always there for me to support and guide me even after I passed my XII from NAVJEEVAN. He encouraged and helped me in reaching IIT and then motivated me to go for Indian Administration Services.
Sohan Lal
Assistant Collector & Executive Magistrate, Jodhpur
It was the most memorable experience of my life. The team of teachers at Navjeevan Science School was fully dedicated and always believed in hard work with a pure heart. Navjeevan gave me a wholesome view of a world full of learning and fun. As a student, there was absolutely no compromise on studies but at the same time, it was made sure that students always feel motivated and have their moments with classmates and hostel mates. I still cherish those moments of transformation in our lives during Navjeevan. Sir always ensured that we never feel like we are in a hostel, he motivated us to study hard and reach our full potential. But at the same time, Sir also made a point to have some leisure time for students so that they can develop physical and mental well-being. His personal attention to us made us realize that someone is looking after us and we don’t need to worry about anything except our own. His words of motivation every evening during Evening Sandhya used to give us a new enthusiasm for our goals. Sir’s these words still echo in my ears “if someone wants to change the lives of their family then someone in one generation has to work hard and take a jump” if I have to define Mr. Shankar Lal Ji in one sentence, I would say "If you think you cannot do it, go to sir, he will make sure you do it with flying colors."
Vikram Sihag
IPS 2020, ASP(P), Darbhanga Bihar
I have no words to describe the time I spent as a student at Navjeevan School and with Shankar Lal Ji. He was more than a teacher to me. I would say that he was the one who believed in my potential and made me realize it. The motivation he used to give us during evening assembly SANDHYA was just like the booster dose for all of us which never let us feel down. I can't forget that day in June 2008, when I got the first merit for Navjeevan and he was the one who made me achieve that success. His nature to attend to each student personally and keep an eye on all our activities had great results and we passed with flying colors. The bond of 13 years with the Navjeevan family and sir is too precious to me. He kept connected even after I passed class XII and guided and supported me for IIT. Today I am serving as Assistant Manager, NTPC Ltd. I still follow the path shown by Shankar Lal Ji, pursuing my preparation for civil services
Jitendra Meena
Assistant Manager, NTPC Ltd.
In my opinion, Navjeevan Science School is the best school in Rajasthan, where moral values are the inescapable part of teachings. The thing I learned from Navjeevan is " never give up". From there I developed the spirit of dedication to the goal. Through the encouragement, the whole team used to give us we were able to perform well in academics. Teachers at Navjeevan taught us to face difficult situations in life. Every faculty here takes special care of the students belonging to poor families and helps them in their education. I would call their management "the real future maker".
Rajasthan Tehsildar Service (R.T.S.)
I have cleared the RAS exam today but I still find myself a child in front of him. He is equal to God for me and the other students like me who belong to financially challenged backgrounds. From class 9th to 12th he didn't charge a single penny for my education. I can't explain his contribution to my life in words. He made me reach where I am today. My story with Shankar Lal Ji started in 2007 when sir had just started Navjeevan School. That was the initial stage of the school. Sir, taught me to have big dreams and fulfill them under the roof of tin shade. The motivation and positive approach of teachers at Navjeevan always kept my confidence high. When I was in the hostel, except being a teacher, he played the role of a family too. His care and affection never let us feel alone and far from home. When it comes to studies, he never compromised the quality of education. He used to give us small targets and motivate us to achieve them. I still remember the days spent with sir and the great time which taught me to fight the hurdles of life. The GURU-SHISHYA tradition we had in Navjeevan is still alive in me. I thank him and his teachings.
Hukmi Chand Rulaniya
"गुरू कुम्हार शिष कुंभ है गढ़ी गढ़ी काढ़े खोट अंदर हाथ सहार दे बाहर बाहे चोट" These lines are exactly for Mr. Shankar Lal Ji. He is really a great guru. I belong to Balotara, Barmer and we were the first batch of class XII at Navjeevan Science School. It takes great effort when something is in the initial stage. Sir, had set the target of state merit for us and always motivated us for that. No doubt, his expectations were high for us. He himself worked tough as us to make us realize the significance of working hard. I really enjoyed that year at Navjeevan. Sir's enthusiastic thoughts inspired me greatly. We used to spend 18 hours of the day studying still so energetic. All thanks to sir. He didn't just tell them 'what to do", he always explained, "how to do". I remember the tests we had every 21 days. Shankar Lal Ji taught us Chemistry but he used to check our Physics, Hindi, and English notebooks too. He used to discuss with other teachers too to find our lacking areas and improve them. Such fine care we had at Navjeevan School. Living in a hostel, his personal attention to each of us made us feel blessed and we never felt homesick. He always maintained a balance between studies and the other things which are necessary to keep stress free. At festivals, he used to celebrate with us. I still remember the MAKAR SANKRANTI festival and it's fun we had with sir. One thing I learned from him that still inspires me is the spirit to fight the challenges.
Puneet Dave
Manager, Gas Authority of India Ltd., MP-Guna
"फर्श से अर्श तक का सफर" He proved this entirely. Being a student at Navjeevan I am the eye witness of sir's rapid growth and progress. In my opinion, the reason behind this is his hard work and his way of dealing with situations too practically. He never gave importance to money and always believed to deliver quality education and good academic results to his school. The people who were there with sir, when he started the school, are still part of the Navjeevan team. This introduces the great leadership of Mr. Shankar Lal Ji. The labor he made to make us work hard can't be measured ever. I remember, he used to visit our hostel at 11 p.m. and encouraged us to study hard. His guidance is worth too much in taking me where I am today
Narayan Bajiya
D.Y.S.P. Lunkaransar, Bikaner