School with Hostel- In Top 10 Schools in India, Features, Need for Hostel.
school with hostel

A Catalyst in Personality Development: School with Hostel

School with hostel offers quality education with residential facilities. Students here stay for a disciplined approach to academics. School with hostel focuses on both academic excellence and extracurricular activities. These schools provide an environment to carve a child’s overall personality.

If you reside in Rajasthan Navjeevan Science Group has its ultimate units Navjeevan Science School and Navjeevan CBSE Academy. The schools provide facilities for both Day Schooling and Boarding. Navjeevan provides ideal hostel facilities at a very reasonable and affordable fee. Along with these, the school is result-oriented as it has 38 Board merits and 8  Board Medals which is the highest for the science stream in the whole of Rajasthan. Both Navjeevan Science School and Navjeevan CBSE Academy are ideal schools with Hostel facilities.

Need for School with Hostel

  • Evolving Discipline: In the hostel, a student lives a totally disciplined life. In hostels, there is a schedule-based working. It has fixed timings from waking up to sleep. These daily routined habits evolve discipline in a student and make it an essential part of one’s life.
  • Living in Diversity: In the hostel, we talk to people from different cultures every day. Students from different cultures get to live together and create a strong bonding. This is a golden chance to learn about different cultures and traditions. A student identifies and minimizes the illusion of difference and staying united as a must need for One India.
  • Being Organized: In hostels, the students need to keep their rooms and themselves clean on their own. The students need to wash their clothes and clean their room. It makes a student-organized as they have to manage all this work with their studies and extra co-curricular activities.
school with hostel

Navjeevan Hostel Provides

  • Like Home Environment: Navjeevan ensures you that your child feels at home in the hostel. The campus authorities are well experienced and very humble in gesture.
  • Empowering Studies: In the competitive era, every parent wishes for their child to score well in academics. We here at Navjeevan focus on every student and ensure he/she studies effectively with full concentration. The hostel faculties manage their studies and help students understand concepts briefly.
  • Co-curricular Activities: For the overall development of personality co-curricular activities play a crucial role. We keep on organizing various activities like Debates, Art & Craft competitions, inter-school competitions, sports activities, etc.
  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure of a hostel hits the hard mind of a student. A well-furnished and hygienic hostel campus emerges positivity in learning. A good infrastructure keeps students healthy both physically and mentally.

About Navjeevan Science School and Navjeevan CBSE Academy

The schools are part of Navjeevan Science Group, Sikar. The schools are providing quality education since 2007. The unbreakable record of 38 Board Merits and 8 Board Medals in the science stream shows the dignity of the school. The schools aim that every child gets educated and contributes towards the ‘Developed India’. Navjeevan Science Group also has other units like Kautilya IIT Academy, Navjeevan, Navjeevan Defence Academy, etc.

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