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best school of india

Education Hub Sikar: The best school of India

Looking for the best school of India is what most parents do today. People agree to the opinion that education is a basic necessity for human being after food, clothes and shelter. So they aspire to send their children to the best school of India. In this competitive world, children needs education which supports their well- rounded development instead of just a mean to acquire degrees and monetary success in life.

The children of today are gearing up to become responsible citizens of tomorrow. The growth of the children is parallel to the growth of our country. Present education system of India directly impacts the future of tomorrow.

It is widely admitted that the learning process is too significant in shaping student’s personality. It directs the way he/she deals the hurdles of life. A good school makes the shift of thoughts from bookish knowledge to knowledge of life. So schools which claim to be the best school of India, must focus on all the required features.

The Aspects To Be Emphasize To Become The Best School Of India-

  1. Social Development- School is the first avenue to enhance the social development of a child. It is the only place where children learn not only the new skills but also get same age compatriots. This makes them learn sociable practices such as empathy, friendship, assistance which turn out to be Vital in their later life. School is the place where a child extends its area of grasping and learning.
  2. Mental Development- School has the endless treasure of knowledge children are exposed to. It provides children with an opportunity to acquire knowledge on different aspects of education. Such as people, literature, language, history, technology, culture, mathematics, politics, and other numerous subjects. School education contributes greatly to turning young minds into great personalities.
  3. Physical Development- A child’s physical development and well-being play crucial roles in many academic tasks. School provides a very good environment to increase children’s physical activities. Studies have shown that play in school is important not only for the development of a child’s physical skills but also for social skills, creativity, and imagination.

To make the long story short, this is concluded that the school is the second home of the innocent minds where they spent few hours daily with their companions and learn under the guidance of a teacher. Only an ideal school can provide quality education to mould the minds of children and improve their talent to expertise them for a bright future.

Navjeevan Science School, Sikar is one of the best schools in India. This exhibits all the features of an ideal school. This school is a unit of Navjeevan Group of Education, Sikar, Rajasthan. This educational group is a well-known and reputed educational group in Sikar and provides world-class education facilities. This group is consists of Navjeevan Science School, Navjeevan CBSE Academy, Navjeevan Defence Academy, Navjeevan Degree College, and Kautilya IIT Academy. The whole group is contributing greatly to the field of education.

Core benefits of Navjeevan School-Quality Academic Performance-

In the name of quality education, this School really proved itself. If we talk about the success rate and results in different board classes and other competitive exams. We find Navjeevan School is the best school in India. Teachers at Navjeevan school don’t believe in education which merely gives bookish knowledge. They believe in turning their students’ potential into good products. Many of the students of Navjeevan school are serving in ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES OF INDIA AND RAJASTHAN today. School owns the splendid record of 38 state board merits and 8 board medals. Many students get selected in NEET and IIT bypassing their XII class from this school. Navjeevan is always very promising in delivering good results. This is itself evidence of the good quality education of here.

best school of india

Arrangements For Physical Activities-

Along with good academic records, this school enables its students to explore physical activities too. School provides students with facilities for all outdoor and indoor games. School is concerned about the physical well-being of students. Meditation and Yoga sessions under the observation of experienced trainers help them to stay healthy by body and brain.

Co-Curricular Activities

School takes care to conduct various cultural events at regular intervals. It makes students connected to the ancient traditions and culture. Students get chance to groom their personality by participating in various competition like music and dance, writing essays and slogans, debate and declamations etc. These events help students to build their confidence.

A Pleasant Learning Environment-

Navjeevan presents a very calm and peaceful learning environment. The pupil-oriented approach of Navjeevan offers a stress-less learning environment to its students. Personal attention to each student enables them to perform their best.
Your search may end here if you too are searching for the best school in India. Navjeevan School, Sikar is one of them.

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